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COVID-19 | Get Moving

Getting active can sometimes be so much tougher than you think it will be – However, One thing to note is that by being active you improve your respiratory and cardiovascular function. In this sprint, we have some great starting points for you, if you want to get more active and do something quick and …

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COVID-19 | Grieving Remotely

This pandemic has not just changed the way we interact with friends and family on a global scale. Apart from the economic, travel and social effects an unprecedented amount of grief has been experienced on more levels than losing those we love. With Funerals not being able to be attended by family and loved ones, …

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COVID-19 | Eating for Immunity

In this sprint, you will learn that the quality of your food can actually impact how vulnerable you are to disease and infection. Of course, there are many factors that cannot be controlled when it comes to getting sick, such as exposure to bacteria, viruses or other pathogens, genetic weaknesses and previous medical history. What we …

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COVID-19 | Tips for Keeping Safe

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, we know that when we stick to the safety protocols infection stays low, the moment we relax and forget all the safety protocols the virus circulates and spreads. In this sprint, we have tips and advice on how best to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

COVID-19 | Facts vs Fiction

With all the information flying past our screens, it’s sometimes difficult to sift through what you should and shouldn’t believe. Luckily for you – MH360 has interviewed some of the leading specialists in the country about Covid-19 so that you have the right information to make the right choices for you and those you love.  …

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Eat Right to Feel Right

Welcome to this small window into our nutrition-based courses. Many people are confused by simple basic information regarding the topic of nutrition. Web browsing and Dr Google only add to the confusion, so this is a synopsis to give you some insight into the basics of nutrition. These principles can be applied to any chronic …

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