Understanding Diabetes

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Education course on diabetes and how to better manage your lifestyle.

Learning outcomes & Objectives

At the end of this course you will fully understand how and why you should manage your diabetes. The importance of diet and exercise can never be overemphasised, but it is sometimes difficult to know how much to do, when to do it and what will happen to your blood glucose levels when you do exercise. All of this information can be overwhelming. This course is designed to help you help yourself. Knowledge is empowering and after completing this course you will have all the tools you need for the successful management of your diabetes.

You will understand what foods you can and cannot eat and you will also learn what your medications do in your body and how they help to control the blood glucose levels. You will also have resources to explain what the side effects of these medications are and how to deal with both acute and chronic complications should they occur. There are also all the opportunities to engage with a coach should you feel that you need more support or intervention. I wish you well on this journey.

  • Module 1 - Definition of Diabetes & Description of the Condition
  • Module 2 - Regulation of blood glucose in the body and effects of uncontrolled diabetes (complications)
  • Module 3 - Nutrition & Diabetes (choosing the correct diet)
  • Module 4 - The Power of Exercise
  • Module 5 - Medications used to control blood sugar levels
  • Module 6 -The effect of smoking and alcohol use on diabetes
  • Module 7 - Depression and Diabetes

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