Manage Your Blood Pressure

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Learning Outcomes and Objectives  

The purpose of this course is to provide you with sufficient knowledge to manage your hypertension appropriately. There are many myths and misconceptions in disease management so it is important to be able to discern what is correct and what has no scientific foundation at all. It is vital that you understand the risks associated with hypertension and why you should manage your condition. This will help to prevent complications, which could have severe, if not fatal consequences. Diet and lifestyle modifications are the cornerstone of treatment in most non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many cancers. Understanding the basics of these dietary principles will enable you to have a great deal more control over your blood pressure and associated conditions.


  1. What is hypertension and why is it so significant?
  2. The risks of hypertension and why it needs to be treated
  3. The Association Between Diet and Hypertension
  4. The Role of Stress in Hypertension
  5. Supplements and Hypertension - which supplements should you take and which ones you should avoid
  6. How Exercise helps with the management of hypertension

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