MindSHIFT Sprint – by Robin Pullen

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What you believe is possible for you

A set of beliefs, that you decide to be true, about what you are capable of. 
The mental model that makes up your current set point for possibility.

Who is Robin Pullen?
I have made it a passion to understand what makes people capable of doing the things they do. And what stops people like me from doing what I really want to do. My name is Robin Pullen - a published author, executive, business and life coach, master trainer, professional public speaker and a father of four children.

What you will learn in this sprint:
Module 1 - What it takes to change.
Module 2 - Why you struggle to change.
Module 3 - How to rewire your brain.
Module 4 - How not to be caught up in your past.
Module 5 - How to get past your past.
Module 6 - The mind-body-emotion connection.
Module 7 - The power of perseverance.
Module 8 - Set yourself up for success.