Learning Journey

There is no question that diet and food choices can affect hormonal balance and metabolism. Hormones affect everything from your skin, beautiful and smooth one minute and overrun with pimples and blackheads the next, to your moods, jumping from feeling happy and content to being irritable and depressed. “You are what you eat“ has been expolated since the days of Hippocrates, the father of medicine.  It therefore makes sense to realise that what food you put into your body will affect the way your hormones function! Just think of all the symptoms women face with the monthly cycle – bloating, irritability, food cravings, heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, painful (so painful) periods, clotting, infertility and insomnia to name the commonest ones! How wonderful would it be if we could give you some insight into helping you manage some of these uncomfortable and debilitating symptoms simply by making small changes in your diet?