Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to this small window into our nutrition-based courses. Many people are confused by simple basic information regarding the topic of nutrition. Web browsing and Dr Google only add to the confusion, so this is a synopsis to give you some insight into the basics of nutrition. These principles can be applied to any chronic condition, whether it is obesity, diabetes, hypertension or even cardiovascular disease. Further modifications are always applicable and easily accessed through our specific quests on offer. Go to www.MyHealth360.co.za for more information.

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

A short sprint on the basics of nutrition. You will learn what nutrients are needed by the body such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates and what the role of each of these are in the body. You will also know which foods provide them and how to distribute them throughout the day in order to provide adequate energy levels.

There is also a discussion on vitamins, minerals and trace elements, commonly referred to as micronutrients and how these fit into a normal diet without needing to take supplements.