Welcome & Introduction Video

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

In this quest we will be covering 6 modules, 

1. Grievances that Grow: How to identify and win back your life from a grudge

Grudges are the cornerstone of a life of misery. We will work to identify your grudges so that, in this learning quest, you can be free of your grudges through the remarkable power of forgiveness.

2. Identifying and Managing Unenforceable Rules: Why Won’t They Do What I think they Should?

As humans, we tend to make “rules” in our minds to help us feel in control. If I am married, my partner has to be faithful. If I have a meeting, my associate should show up on time. Our unenforceable rules breed resentments and resentments take away our power. We will help you identify and deconstruct your unenforceable rules.

3. Quit Taking it Personally (QTIP): Why does it ALWAYS happen to ME?

Yes, I was treated poorly by my co-worker. But am I the only person who has ever been treated poorly by a co-worker? Hardly. Taking things too personally sets us up for disappointment in life, and makes us susceptible to grievances and grudges.

4. Forgiveness as Self Care: How Can I EVER Forgive Myself?

Self-forgiveness is often the starting point for all forgiveness work. Find out how to give yourself a break, and connect with your future through positive intention

5. From Victim to Hero: Rewriting our Destiny through the Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness doesn’t mean letting someone off the hook for treating us poorly. Just because we were treated poorly doesn’t mean we have to wait forever for the person to apologize in order for us to be happy. The path of forgiveness is taking back the power and agency of our life – moving from being a victim in someone else’s story, to being a hero on our own journey.

6. A LIFE OF GRATITUDE: Gratitude as the antidote to Non-forgiveness

Gratitude is the oxygen that forgiveness and joy breathes. Being grateful is the antidote for non-forgiveness.

Throughout the Quest you will be given reflective exercises to help with your personal forgiveness journey. Make sure you have a Journal that you are able to write in; this can be done digitally or in a journal.