Learning Journey

What you will learn in this module is exactly what hypertension means, how it affects the body and its impact on any existing chronic conditions you may have and, most importantly, how to help manage and resolve this silent, but potentially malevolent killer. Many people ignore high blood pressure, because they don’t understand how this can affect your health in the long term.  

If you don’t have any symptoms, then what danger could it be? Right? Absolutely NO!. The most difficult factor of high blood pressure is that most people will simply put it down to genetics, so there’s nothing to worry about or it doesn’t adversely affect your current lifestyle, so why bother? This module will give an understanding of the physiological mechanism of hypertension and why you need to take action, if this has ever been diagnosed with medical check-ups.

I will also go through the different types of hypertension. If you or a family member is diagnosed with hypertension, then ask your doctor which type it is. Certain types of hypertension are purely the result of a poor diet and overweight, whilst other types may be genetic or as a result of medication or a consequence of another coexisting chronic condition such as Type 2 diabetes. 

Once you have an understanding of the cause of your high blood pressure you will be better equipped to apply appropriate dietary and lifestyle measures and possibly medication, to help manage the condition.