Learning outcomes and objectives

What you will learn from this course

Module 1 – What does Cardiovascular Disease Mean?

Module 2 – The Effects of Overweight and Diabetes on Cardiovascular Disease

Module 3 – The Interaction Between Diet and Cardiovascular Disease

Module 4 – What Risk Factors are Controlled by Diet and What is the Genetic Influence?

Module 5 – The Value of Exercise in the Management of Cardiovascular Disease

Module 6 – Recovering from a Heart Attack or Stroke

At the end of this course you will have mastered the tools to manage Cardiovascular Disease with all it’s comorbidities as they appear. The importance of diet, exercise and management of stress cannot be overemphasized. Reliance on polypharmacy (taking lots of medications) will only bring temporary relief and a false sense of security. I urge you all to take on all the components this course has to offer so that you will have an arsenal of information to help cope with the challenges that will come your way. Embrace each and every module and remember you have the option to engage with a coach for further support and guidance at any point during the course and thereafter. 

What it Takes to Pass

In order to achieve the course certificate, you must complete all quizzes / assignments, which count towards your overall grade for the course.