Recap of Last module

We’ve all heard people say it’s not their fault they are overweight, diabetic, hypertensive and depressed, it’s in their genes! I cannot dispute this comment in totality, but what I can say is that genes DO play a role in our susceptibility to disease and especially conditions like cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. BUT, that does NOT mean that we must throw up our hands in defeat, there is still much you can do to manage the expression of said genes. There are some genetic components that we cannot change, for example if you have been diagnosed with familial  hypercholesterolemia, there is nothing (apart from gene therapy not yet developed) that you can do to change those genes and you will have to rely on medication to lower the LDL levels. But if you have certain gene alleles that are sensitive to fats or sugars or both, then choosing foods that can down-regulate the expression of these genes will make a big difference and you will achieve a level of success you haven’t achieved before. If you would like to find out more about DNA testing then please engage with one of the coaches so you can get the correct guidance and advice.