Many times people will ignore symptoms of ill health because they are either used to feeling that way, or they do not understand the implications of not managing a condition like hypertension. Denial is a common strategy as people feel that facing any challenge head-on is too overwhelming. This is especially true of people suffering from diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Frequently, there are no symptoms so the understanding is that if there are no symptoms, it is not a severe enough condition to be treated. This module, however, has provided that information which may motivate you to either change your habits to help prevent hypertension from causing permanent damage, or to help someone close to you to do the same. 

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure, so if you understand what a condition is doing to your body and the damaging effects it has if it is left untreated, then you will be motivated to make necessary changes to help prevent a condition from becoming a chronic disease. Eye disease, heart attacks and stroke as well as kidney failure are serious and often fatal